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The Challenge Millésime Bio 2022 comptest will take place in Montpellier on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 January 2023.

The contest is supported by Elisabeth Pierre (Beer expert, professional trainer in zythology, nternational judge in beer contest, founder of the cercle Bierissima to organise a professional tasting for the participating breweries.

Prerequisites for participation:

We strongly advise you to read the contest rules and the participation terms and conditions listed on this page as no refund will be made after receipt of your application. Thank you for your understanding.

Read the rules of Challenge Millesime Bio contest 2023

Registration of beers in the competition 

Registration dates : from November 2 to December 2, 2022 * 

We will limit the maximum number of total samples, which means that as soon as we have reached our quota, we will close the site to registrations even if the 2 december deadline is not met. Tip: Register early, fill in all samples from the start and send complete participation packages quickly.  

Online registration procedure 

Registrations are only done on the internet via the MyVitibio platform (registration link at the bottom of this page).

Steps to register online :

The first 2 steps are not necessary if you have already created a MyVitibio account to participate in the Challenge Millésime Bio competition, the Millésime Bio trade fair or to join Sudvinbio. In this case, you only need to log in.

  1. Create a personal account linked to an email address allowing you to connect to MyVitibio at any time 
  2. Create a company account with all the information related to the participating company
  3. To register your beers for the competition, you will need to : 
    1. complete the online form with the information about the beer you are entering  
    2. for each beer entered, upload your AB certificate and the visual of the packaging to your online space 
    3. once all your products have been entered, click on the button I have finished my registration. This step will allow the competition team to start checking your file
    4. pay the participation fee. Once your file has been checked by the competition team, you will receive an invoice corresponding to your payment

Participation fees and payment methods 

The participation fee, per registered wine, is 80 € excluding VAT for EU countries outside France and 96 € including VAT for France and countries outside the EU.  

Payment of the Challenge Millésime Bio participation fee must be made at the time of registration. They can be paid by credit card directly on the registration site, by bank transfer (Sudvinbio bank details below) or by cheque made out to Sudvinbio (only for French participants). 

Registration fees 2023 and terms of paiement

Sending samples 

Prepare the packages with the samples

You must enclose in the box the presentation sheet of the beer in the box. This form can be downloaded from your online registration area

Number of bottles to be sent per registered wine

Volume of beer bottle or canVolume greater than or equal to 0.5 litresVolume less than 0.5 litres
Number of bottles or cans to be sent per registered beer

Dates for receiving samples 

From 2 November to 22 December 2022

Please note : the offices will be closed for the receipt of parcels from 22 December 2022, 4 p.m.

Ship samples 

Before sending your samples, don't forget to attach the beer description sheet which can be downloaded from your online space.

Shipping address

Challenge Millésime Bio 2023

Bureaux à droite directement après l'entrée du site de l'ICV (institut coopératif du vin)

La Jasse de Maurin

34970 Lattes

Mobile phone number to give to the person in charge of delivery : 06 69 79 54 87

GPS coordinates to be entered on the address: Latitude: 43.5573798 / Longitude: 3.8604374

Reception hours 

From 8:30 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday

Participate in the contest

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