Tasting will take place on 13 January 2021

Challenge Millésime Bio contest is the official contest of Millésime Bio show! Millésime Bio is becoming increasingly appreciated by visitors as well as exhibitors, the competition enriched samples from diversified regions and countries. The Challenge Millésime Bio contest has about 420 jury members and around 1600 organic wines from France and abroad.

The health situation related to COVID-19, obliges us to modify our usual organization in order to adapt it to the protection rules defined for your safety. The detailed sanitary protocol that will be set up on the day of the tasting will be sent to the tasters before the event.


1. Reception of jury members
The tasting starts at 9:30 ... so we give you appointment shortly before to register. A breakfast will welcome you to bring a touch of conviviality in this day.

2. Start of the contest
Once registered, each jury member will be directed to its tasting table to share with other tasters to form a jury. This jury will be composed of people from different backgrounds to enrich tasting exchanges. A selection of wine per category will be carried out for your tasting table. These samples will be presented anonymously in order not to influence the tasting. Feel free to send us your tasting preferences so we can assign you, to the extent possible, a table where you can feel at comfortable.

The contest will run until noon.

3. End of the contest early lunch !
To thank all the jury for coming, one meal will be offered. This is an opportunity to spend a pleasant moment of sharing where you will have the opportunity to taste all the wines on the contest, provided that the sanitary conditions allow us to do so.

Would you like to join the tasting jury?

If you are a professional in the wine sector or a confirmed wine taster, join our jury and elect the award winners from a panel of organic wines from France and abroad. Our goal is to make contest winners a guide for buyers and wine consumers. As a result we choose our jury members with great care to ensure trust and credibility.

Registration form for the tasting panel beginning of November 2020