Order CMB24 medals and visuals

Ordering Adhesive Medals

You can affix a medal to the packaging of the awarded product to enhance its visibility to the consumer.

Download the 2024 Medal Order Form

The New Contest Baseline

The contest guidelines have been redesigned to resonate more with the general public. We highlight the name "World Organic Wine Contest" in favour of the name "Millésime BIO Challenge." This year, a special medal for beer has been introduced, creating a dedicated version for the "World Organic Beer Contest".

New Identity and Medal Redesign

For this new identity, our goal is to acknowledge the excellence of awarded organic wines and beers. We aim to create a clear visual marker for the consumer, emphasising the organic and global aspects. The new medal is designed to be timeless, modern, and elegant. 

English version of the medal

 We also aspire to elevate the medal to the status of an international quality brand by translating it into English for the first time.

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Request for Visual Medal Printing 

If you wish to directly print the medals on the packaging of your award-winning products, please submit a request to Sudvinbio using the order form below. We will then send you the graphic charter along with a high-definition file.

It is important to note that the design of the medal is registered with the INPI, and its reproduction is regulated. As stated in our contest rules, failure to comply with the usage rules outlined in the regulations may result in sanctions.

Order Form for Printed Challenge Millésime BIO 2024 Medals

For any order of medals related to previous editions, please contact Marion Aslanian at marion.aslanian@sudvinbio.com.

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