Challenge Millesime BIO contest

The international meeting of organic wines and beers

                    - 17th International Challenge Millésime BIO Competition -    


Established and overseen by Sudvinbio, an inter-professional association uniting organic wine producers and marketers from the Occitania region in France, Challenge Millésime BIO stands as the official competition of the Millésime Bio Fair and is recognized as the largest international organic wine contest.

Inaugurated in 2007, this event now assembles over 2,000 organic wines hailing from various corners of the globe. The count of organic wine producers, both within France and internationally, continues to grow with each passing year.

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This year, we have the honour of hosting Brazilian sommelier Gaby Benicio, the recipient of the Michelin sommelier award in 2023, who will preside over a panel of 400 professional tasters. Gaby Benicio, in collaboration with chef Amélie Darvas, manages the renowned Äponem restaurant, nestled in the Hérault region of France, which boasts a coveted Michelin star and a green star.

Since 2022, the Challenge Millésime BIO competition has been delighted to embrace the world of international organic beers, with more than 130 organic beer entries! The competition's organising team collaborates with Elisabeth Pierre, a beer expert, author, professional trainer in zythology, lecturer, international beer competition judge, and the founder of the Bierissima circle.

2024 Edition: A Lot of Innovations !

 The medal designs have been revamped, and a special medal for beers is now introduced. This year, the medals embrace an international dimension with the addition of an English version.

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Our goal : 

To promote quality organic wines and beers

Our commitments to achieve this :

1. Organise a quality contest:

   - Each edition, we leverage our expertise to ensure a professional and high-quality tasting experience for the products entrusted to us.

   - We provide an ideally lit tasting room, appropriate tasting equipment, controlled storage and serving temperatures, and meticulously maintain bottle anonymity as part of our requirements.


2. Surround ourselves with an expert and enthusiastic jury:

   - The selection of our jury is of paramount importance, as it underpins the competition's reputation and the value of the awards granted to the wines and beers.

   - We carefully assess each new taster's application and validate it based on our selection criteria.

   - We believe in the importance of combining industry professionals with experienced amateur tasters to foster rich discussions around the products being evaluated.


3. Be represented by renowned presidents:

   - Each edition of the competition is presided over by a personality who firmly believes in the values of organic agriculture, serving as the true ambassador of the Challenge Millésime BIO competition and its award-winning products.

   - In the 2023 edition, we were honored to welcome Karine Valentin as the competition's president, a highly respected wine journalist with 30 years of experience.

   - Past competition presidents include prominent figures such as Andrew Jefford (2021 edition), Jean Luc Rabanel (2020 edition), Philipe Faure Brac (2019 edition), Klaus Hermann (2018 edition) and Joris Snelten (2017 edition), among others.


4. Provide dynamic and diverse communication to the winners:

   - In addition to traditional communication materials such as diplomas and medals for affixing to the packaging of award-winning products, we offer exceptional exposure through our synergy with the largest international organic trade show, Millésime BIO.

   - The results are communicated to a database of over 53,000 professional buyers, including wine merchants, CHR, retailers, distributors, large scale distributors, exporters, wholesalers, and more.

   - The competition's award results are also disseminated through various media outlets, both specialised and for the general public, maximising the reach and recognition of the winners.

The 2024 Challenge Millésime BIO contest awards :

537 wines

187 gold medals, 241 silver medals and 109 bronze medals

42 beers

12 gold medals, 19 silver medals and 11 bronze medals


Sudvinbio, interprofessional association gathering producers and traders of the organic wine industry of Occitania. It organizes the Challenge Millésime Bio contest and the Millésime Bio trade fair.

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